Photos Of Young Ladies Who Were Murdered In The Name Of Love.

Hello readers, today an going to share with a list of nine ladies who have been murdered in the name of love in the past few years.

 1. Sharon Keya

 She died on October 5th last year after being throw from the fifth floor by her Ugandan boyfriend. Mayanja her boyfriend fled the scene after committing the crime but was later arrested by the authority and charged with murder.

 2. Agnes Tirop


The body of the two time bronze champion was found dead with stab wounds. Her husband was immediately name the main suspect. He fled the seen but was later arrested and changed with murder he confessed that he had killed her.

 3. Mercy Keino ( 25 years old )

In the wake of a dinner gathering with Juja MP, her body was discovered on Waiyaki Road. Witness Ms. Kamemba said that Mr. Kabogo repeatedly hit the late Keino when she began yelling at the party venue. We are all devastated by the death of this bright young university student. As you can see in the video below, Mercy Keino was smacked and kicked before being ejected from the building.

 4. Sharon Otieno

Governor Okoth Obado, a former girlfriend of Obado’s, has been charged with involvement in her death. In addition to being raped, Sharon was then stabbed eight times in the neck. The attack resulted in the death of Sharon’s fetus. The video below provide more details about Sharon Otieno’s death.

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 5. Lucy Njambi

The body of the 24 year old Kiambu along Kamiti road. According to a reliable source, the late Njambi was having a love affair with an MCA and the two had differences, the MCA hired hitmen to kill her.

 6. Careen Chepchumba

We immediately conjure up images of Luis Otieno whenever this surname is spoken. According to reports, the two had a disagreement and the former news caster hired individuals to kill her. It was discovered on February 14, 2012, that Careen had died. The 26-year-death old’s was attributed to significant bleeding, according to a postmortem examination. The video below shows Luis in court after he was implicated in the killing.

 7. Edinald Atieno (23 years old)

Maxwell Ochieng murdered Edinald. The military personnel paid for her university degree, only for her to dump him after he was fired.


8. Anne Wanjohi

The 23-year-old turned down a marriage proposal in 2017 and her lover Simon Njoroge short and killed her.

 9. Monica Kimani

Joey Irungu was the main suspect in Monica’s death. Jovi was detained and eventually released from Maximum Kamiti.

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