Nancy Isime: Portraying female entertainers as promiscuous damages young girls


The actress, who earlier denied claims of having affairs with married men to drive her career, shared her view on how sex-related stereotypes damage the perception of successful entertainers by young girls who look up to them.

 She was speaking on the latest episode of the HipTV show ‘Trending‘ which featured Ruggedman, the rapper.

 Isime said at least a million girls are made to think they can’t be successful without yielding to sexual predators.

“If I do music, movies, business, or fashion right, I can make it. In countries where things work and [negative stereotypes] are not being said, it’s because their media put people on a certain pedestal,” the actress argued.

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 “This creates role models younger persons can look up to. There’s Forbes and Vogue that literally exalt their rich so, much that we [Africans] start to look up to white people. Our media houses can also help us out.

 “I’m an actress and I don’t even need to sleep with any man for anyone to say it. This puts people in a funny place and overrates these [married] people. Let’s start to say the truth. Do not generalise.

“You make people who are younger think Nancy Isime too is sleeping around. You think you’re rubbishing Nancy but you’re putting down and damaging at least a million girls who thought they could make it by themselves.

 “You’re putting them in the hands of predators who are waiting to snatch them up. They think they can’t make it without [sleeping with a married man], doing drugs, or doing yahoo (fraud). If there’s something wrong, put it out.

 “But if there isn’t, don’t make stories up or generalise, at least for the young ones. It’s not just the bloggers but also people. The rich are easily stereotyped as ritualists. I’m good but it’s just something I feel has to be talked about.”

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