Pi Network Is False But Not Fraud – 3 Reasons From Crypto Currency Experts

 We are now living in a time when people are making money through digital currencies such as Bitcoin and other similar currencies.

We now live in a time when people are making money through internet currencies such as Bitcoin and other similar coins.

  Pi Network is a new internet currency or is about to become an internet currency that many people are hoping to make a lot of money on.

  Another concern is that many experts have criticized the Pi Network system and their claim that the future coin will be very valuable, but most do not call it Scam but see Pi Network as false.

  What is Pi Network?

  Pi Network is a new internet currency that is being tried on the list of major internet currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum but as we said earlier Pi Network is still worthless because it is not put on the coin market.

  The Minepi.com website has promised that the Pi will be launched in early December this year, but this has not yet been confirmed and they have not stated the reason for the launch.

  How to Use the Pi Network?

  It’s easy if you want to get started with Pi Network and the amazing thing is that you don’t have to spend a penny, but you always have to do a little min to collect pi coins.

  You can get Pi Network software on the Playstore if you want to start earning money from Pi Network, if you download the app you will see where to register with your phone number or Facebook account from here you can start Pi Mining immediately.

  Pi Network False But Not Fraud – For Three Reasons From Experts.

   “A fast does not run” is any internet business or any other way that someone else will bring their online business there is a challenge in it,

  Crypto Currency experts have analyzed Pi and commented on it, most of which they say is Pi Network is false and we have found 3 reasons to prove it.

  Reason 1 – Using Adsense

  Another finding is that the Pi application uses Adsense which shows that they are making more money or that they are getting more and more people who are constantly joining this adsense

  Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go at Google Admob.

  So experts think that people are being tricked into signing up under the Mining Pi name but the owners are using them to make money on ads.

  Reason 2 – Lack of Launching Din

  Another observation is that there are small digital currencies that have been introduced that are less than the number of people in Pi or say less than half, but they are now on the Blockchain coin list.

  In September 2021 Pi announced that it had a population of 25Millions which is no small feat for the owners.

  Considering the population, Pi has now entered the Crypto market and is valued, but there is still no sign of that

  Reason 3 – Failure to Fulfill Promise

  Any Mining Pi maker believes that the company has confirmed that by the end of this year 2021 in December it will be launched and its value will be announced in the Crypto Currency market.

  But the month has come and there is no news and they have not said a single day that they will do it, if they have a problem they should inform the users in order to give them more encouragement.

  Pi Network is not a scam

  However, not all analysts say that Pi Network Scam is a hoax, the reason they say it is not a scam is that there is no money to spend on it.

  Considering the time a person will lose and his data (Data) the company can take there is nothing to cause you to lose because you are using Pi

  Note: This comment is based on what we have researched on the Internet from Crypto Currency experts and Internet business analysts.

  So if you see something wrong you can advise us.

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