BREAKING: Morocco Sends Africa to the Semi-Finals

one check on Ronaldo. Photo Courtesy

The Atlas Lions are just one more step closer to the World Cup finals after crushing out Portugal with a 1-0 victory at the Al Thumama Stadium in Qatar.

The underdogs have made history not only as the first Africa nation to qualify for the semi-finals, but also to have the capability of sending a team as quality as Portugal packing.

Morocco jumping into the Semi Finals like.. Courtesy FIFA.

The fist half of the game was packed with intrigue. From Cristiano Ronaldo being benched, to Portugal dominating possession, to the underdogs Morocco breaking the deadlock unexpectedly.

Ronaldo benched. Courtesy Twitter

The early moments saw Portugal carrying the game with few attempts on target and major dominance. Morocco on the other hand didn’t seem aggressive enough. Infact, their fans shone more than them, with viking-style claps, ear-piercing chants and loud boos towards the Portugal side.

Youssef En-Nesyri celebrates his goal against Portugal. Courtesy Goal

However, towards the end of the first half, the tables completely turned for Morocco when Youssef En-Nesyri came through with a surprising header, putting the Atlas Lions in the driving seat. A moment that saw them ecstatic, Morocco’s fans go wild and Ronaldo’s face drop.

Ronaldo was taken off the bench and called in for a rescue mission during the second half. Upon coming in, he immediately looked for an opportunity to equalize by lofting a dangerous-looking cross into the box but it was collected by Morocco’s keeper.

Portugal continued camping and pressing on Morocco’s defense line, with attempts from Bruno Fernandes and Ramos but they didn’t yield any fruits. The Atlas Lions kept them on the edge.

Not high enough for Ronaldo to touch the ball. Courtesy FIFA

Eight minutes to full time, Joao Felix was very close to equalizing for Portugal with a thunderous shot but Morocco’s keeper Bounou made an acrobatic save to deny him.

At the end of the 90, Morocco managed to defend all they have, earning them a spot in the semi-finals. A huge moment for Africa!


Ronaldo’s face says it all. Courtesy Twitter

Morocco fans ecstatic after first goal. Courtesy Aljazeera

No way through! Bounou with a crucial save for Morocco. Courtesy 433.

You’re the man! Courtesy Getty Images.

What a header by En-Nesyri. Courtesy Bleacher Report

Ronaldo coming in to rescue Portugal. Courtesy BBC


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