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Whatsapp plus 

It’s no news that there are tons of modded WhatsApp out there, especially for android users. And people prefer these modded versions of WhatsApp plus app to the original app as it offers more features than the original app. The original WhatsApp offers fewer customization options and has lots of limitations, this is the greatest disadvantage of the app as it is one of the most used social media platforms out there. However, some developers had begun to remove most of these limitations and also added extra features to the modded version of WhatsApp plus app, This modded app uses the same license as the original WhatsApp so it’s still the same platform but with extra features.

These modded WhatsApp plus app can not be found on the Google play store as it is not the official app and a modded app too but can be found very easily on the Web. But you should know that this mod WhatsApp expires too, so you should consider updating the app manually every time a new version is released.

Whatsapp plus apk is also a very powerful WhatsApp mod app, with an enormous level of customization and fewer limitations. WhatsApp plus app is frequently updated and also based on the stock WhatsApp version, so it’s literally the same WhatsApp as the original one but with fewer limitations and more customization.

Some of the cool features of the WhatsApp plus app will be discussed below. Although the features are too many to explore, we tried to bring out the most used and relevant features of the WhatsApp plus apk. You can also discover the rest yourself.

Download WhatsApp plus app 2020

WhatsApp plus app latest features

As mentioned earlier, this modded WhatsApp had some extra features which make it more favorable to use to the original WhatsApp, these features will be discussed below.


This app is equipped with the anti-ban feature which prevents you from getting banned by WhatsApp for whatever reason.. If you get banned on the official version of WhatsApp, just switch to this WhatsApp plus app and the ban will be lifted.


Unlike the official WhatsApp that does not offer many customizations options, this WhatsApp plus app allows you to customize the app anyway you want it, you can even apply preset themes from a list of over 700 of them with no hassle at all, with this your WhatsApp looks unique and just the way you want it.

DND mode

Don’t want to be interrupted by WhatsApp messages or calls? WhatsApp plus apk has made it possible to mute all messages and calls from WhatsApp, even while still online. More privacy for you.

Freeze last seen

Don’t want anybody to know you’re online?, with this feature you can freeze your last seen and nobody will ever suspect you are online, unless you chat them up yourself. The last seen will remain at the time you enable it till you decide to turn it off.

Send more and bigger files

With the official WhatsApp, you are restricted to only send files sizes of up to 16MB at once but with this WhatsApp plus apk you can now send files upto 50MB of size all at a go!.

Auto reply

Although this feature is featured on the WhatsApp business app only, WhatsApp plus app also offers the same feature for your normal WhatsApp account. You can schedule your app to auto reply any messages and reduce lots of stress for yourself.

Download WhatsApp plus 2020 apk

How to install

To install this app no special process is involved, just the normal way of installing any other app. Follow the steps below if you do not know how to manually install WhatsApp plus app.

  1. Download WhatsApp plus 2022 from the download link that is provided below.
  2. Then just before you install the app, make sure that your android device is set to allow installation from unknown source (just go to settings >security>and from here you can switch the toggle for “allow installation from unknown source” on)
  3. Now locate the WhatsApp plus app that you downloaded and directly install it.
  4. Launch the app, set it up the normal process, tweak the app the way you want it and enjoy!

WhatsApp plus Download links

To download WhatsApp plus 2022, click on the download links below to be redirected to the download page.


 WhatsApp plus 2021 app

What’s new?

  • New emojis added
  • Group calls added
  • More settings options
  • Changelog improved
  • Settings design improved
  • Added notification bar icons

Additional information

App name  WhatsApp plus
App size 47.85MB
App version v19.30.1 & v15.00
Developer Whatsapp Plus Dev
Supported device Android v5.0, and above

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